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Other furniture

3625 A George III washstand Sold Gone $240
3307 A William IV Mahogany tea poy Sold Gone $1250
3661 A French walnut chevet Sold Gone $480
3639 A mahogany marble top pedestal Sold Gone $295
2678 A George III mahogany chest commode Sold Gone $450
3260 A George III mahogany tray top commode Sold Gone $580
3631 A George III mahogany washstand Sold Gone $420
3295 A George III mahogany wash stand Available Locke St. S. $750
2113 A Victorian mahogany hanging cabinet Available Locke St. S. $95
2382 A George III mahogany washstand Available *Warehouse $380
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* Items stored in the warehouse can normally be viewed on two business days notice.


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