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J Taylor Antiques Privacy Policy

J Taylor Antiques Online respects your privacy. In order to show you that we take every measure to insure the privacy our visitors, we would like to explain what we do to make sure that any information gathered about our visitors, either directly or indirectly, is handled properly.

When you visit our website

When you visit J Taylor Antiques Online, your computer is connected to ours for the duration of your visit. This creates an entry in our logs containing information about your Internet Service Provider or other means that you have used to access our website and its pages as well as information about your browser and the time and date of access. We may use this information to try to improve the content of our website. We may also use this information to solve problems related to connections or viewing of our pages. But the entries contained in our access logs can never give us information about you as an individual.

E-mail Addresses

An Internet Service Provider or other organization that you use to connect to the Internet normally provides you with an e-mail address. Besides using your address for written communication, it also serves as a means to identify you. J Taylor Antiques Online receives e-mail addresses from its visitors voluntarily. You may provide your e-mail address in order to make a suggestion or to ask a question. J Taylor Antiques Online keeps these e-mail addresses on file at our company. We do not make these e-mail addresses available to third parties.
You may also provide your e-mail address to our mailing list in order to receive our Online newsletter and other mailings of interest to you. Please refer to the next section, Mailing Lists for information about the use of your e-mail address for this purpose.

Mailing Lists

J Taylor Antiques Online maintains an opt-in mailing list. If you have signed up for an opt-in mailing list and you later wish to opt-out, you may do this by following the instructions on the newsletter or other mailing that you receive. This usually entails sending an e-mail to info@taylorsantiques.com from your registered e-mail address with a subject of unsubscribe.
When you sign up for our mailing lists, you will periodically be sent our J Taylor Antiques Online newsletter and other announcements we feel may be of interest to you about site updates and new products and services.


A 'cookie' is small file which is sent to a user along with a web page so that websites may receive information about viewers' preferences. A company such as ours cannot obtain personal information about specific visitors by using 'cookies'. Furthermore, browser settings can be changed so that you never receive them or you only receive 'cookies' from those sites that you wish. This may, however, result in some content loss. If you feel that receiving such files is not in your best interest, we advise you to configure your browser so that you do not receive them. We will adhere to the same standards of privacy with regards to 'cookies' as with any other means of gathering information.


J Taylor Antiques Online is a website designed to be viewed by anyone of any age who has an interest in antiques. We do not have any content area which we feel should not be viewed by children. We adhere to the strictest standards of decency and ethics demanded by our profession. Parents should know that when their children use the Internet without parental supervision they could divulge data about themselves unwillingly. J Taylor Antiques Online will not provide any goods, services or information directly to a minor as far as it is in our power to determine a person's age.

This Privacy Policy

We are grateful to you, the J Taylor Antiques Online visitor for demonstrating your interest in our company. We are sure that you know that by visiting our site, you are acknowledging that you accept this privacy policy and recognize the measures we take to insure your privacy. The Internet is an industry that grows and changes everyday. At J Taylor Antiques Online we may make changes to this policy as we see fit to insure that we adapt to this growing industry. We will make every attempt to post those changes in a timely fashion. If you have any questions regarding this privacy policy, we invite you to contact our webmaster at webmaster@taylorsantiques.com

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